UNDP Armenia Representatives Participated in LCOY Conference at UWC Dilijan

6 November 2023

Diana Harutyunyan, UNDP Climate Change Programme Coordinator and Vahram Jalalyan, UNDP-GCF Project Manager were invited to join key panel speakers and representatives of UWC Dilijan for the Local Conference of Youth (LCOY) "Climate Crisis: How We Can All Contribute to Solving It".

On 29 October, LCOY brought together about 80 young people, including 65 from Armenian high schools at UWC Dilijan supported by private donor organization - “The Good Investors”. The conference focused on the climate change issues in Armenia to equipe the young generation with the knowledge for environmental movement activism.

Diana Harutyunyan introduced the “Climate Change Policy in Armenia” and talked about climate change causes, global and local climate change agenda. She presented the details of Armenia’s commitments under Paris Agreement, National Adaptation Plan as well as other environmental and sustainable development challenges in the scope of the projects implemented by UNDP in Armenia.

“The Local Conference of Youth was good opportunity to share experience of UNDP in policy and practical work related to climate change in Armenia,” Diana Harutyunyan reflected on the interaction with the young people. “I have also informed the conference participants about the workshop ahead of the 28th Conference of Parties (COP28) of UNFCCC organized with the Government counterparts in Yerevan”.

Vahram Jalalyan shared knowledge on the importance of energy efficiency and saving in the largest energy consuming sectors – highlighting the buildings. He introduced the "De-risking and Scaling-up Investment in Energy Efficient Building Retrofits" Retrofits" Green Climate Fund Project and its contribution to greenhouse gas emission reduction through energy-efficiency retrofits of public and residential buildings in Armenia and showcased the example of the 11 energy-efficiently retrofitted residential buildings in Dilijan city.

UNDP Climate Change Programme presented the UWC Dilijan library with two Armenia National Reports.

As LCOY Armenia, the conference participants prepared and submitted a statement to COP28.