New EE Standards were developed with the help of UNDP

7 December 2021

In response to the request of Urban Development Committee of RA following two basic standards in the field of energy performance of buildings (EPB) were developed in the framework of “De-risking and Scaling-up Investment in Energy Efficient Building Retrofits” UNDP-GCF Project:

  • AST ISO 52000-1 “Energy performance of buildings - Overarching EPB assessment - Part 1: General framework and procedures”
  • AST ISO 52000-2 “Energy performance of buildings - Overarching EPB assessment - Part 2: Explanation and justification of ISO 52000-1” 

The national standards of Armenia have been developed by the "National Body of Standards and Metrology" CJSC, discussed in the subcommittee SC 04 "Building Energy efficiency and thermal efficiency" of the TC 01 “Energy” Technical Committee, agreed with RA agencies coordinating the EPB issues and all interested stakeholders. 

Mentioned standards will come into force on January 1, 2022.